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Drying equipment in business.

Commercial Water and Mold Cleanup

A water leak in your business in Temple, TX, can result in water and mold damage to your business. Even a small water leak can cause major business interruptions. Call SERVPRO of Temple & Belton for your commercial water and mold damage cleanup and restoration needs!

Drying equipment in commercial bathroom in Belton, TX.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Reduce Business Interruption After Water Damage in Belton, TX

If your business in Belton, TX, and surrounding areas suffers from water damage, your daily operations can be brought to a halt during the water cleanup and restoration process. Call SERVPRO of Temple & Belton for a proper and efficient water damage cleanup and restoration process.

Pool of water in commercial hallway.

Commercial Water Removal in Temple

If your business in Temple, TX suffers from a water damage event such as a leak or flooding, give our SERVPRO of Temple & Belton team a call! Our crew is highly trained and experienced in water removal and cleanup no matter the size of the loss.

Equipment set up in hallway.

Commercial Water Cleanup in Temple, TX

Our SERVPRO of Temple & Belton team understands how important it is to get a certified water damage cleanup crew on-site and working as quickly as possible after a water loss on your commercial property in Temple, TX. SERVPRO of Temple & Belton is always ready to help!

Our SERVPRO drying equipment set up along the hallway of an office space.

Office Space Water Loss in Temple, TX

This commercial office space in Temple, TX suffered from a small water loss in several office spaces throughout the property. Our SERVPRO of Temple & Belton team quickly responded and began working on making the water damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Business

Flooding or water damage never strikes your business at a convenient time. If your Temple, TX business or commercial property experiences a water loss, our SERVPRO of Temple & Belton team is always Here to Help. 

Commercial Water Damage in Temple, TX

If your commercial property in Temple, TX, is damaged by a water loss, call SERVPRO of Temple & Belton today. Our team understands the urgency to get your business back up and running and our team is always available to help.

Equipment For Large Loss

No matter how big or small your water loss is, SERVPRO is prepared. We are equipped with everything we need to dry your commercial facility and get you back up and running. Just give us a call.

Drying Commercial Building

This building was damaged by a water loss from a broken pipe and our team was contacted to repair the damage. We set up the equipment you see here to help speed up the drying process.

Commercial Water Cleanup

Our team was called to this business to clean up after a large water loss. We were able to get the building repaired and had them back up and running quickly. If your business has a loss like this, call SERVPRO!

Commercial Facility Damaged By Water

In order to mitigate further damage to this commercial facility after it experienced damage due to a water loss, we brought in the drying equipment you see pictured here and placed it strategically throughout the building. 

Call the company with the right equipment.

SERVPRO of Temple & Belton have the right equipment for commercial water losses. Using our services assures your broken pipe or flood is taken care of the right way with the right equipment.

Water Damage In Commercial Hallway

Our team was brought in to handle the cleanup and repair of this facility after it experienced damage due to a water loss. We brought in drying equipment to help the moisture dry more quickly.

Hallway with Water Damage

Commercial property suffered from water damage.  SERVPRO brought in air movers and dehumidifier to dry the area and ensure the moisture is out of the air to keep mold from growing and future damages. 

Academy, TX Office Building Damage

SERVPRO of Temple / Belton responded to this office building and got them back to work in just a couple of days. There was a lot of water, to begin with, but once the air movers were down everyone could go back to work.

Equipment at Work

SERVPRO of Temple / Belton has large commercial equipment ready for any size damage. Here we have two different types of desiccants working on this large multi-floor water-damaged building.

Flood Cuts and Demolition

Demolition in Facility

A flood cut is needed in a facility after a water damage if the source of loss could carry contaminants. These sources include sewers and outdoor floodwater.

Commercial Drying Equipment

Desiccant Dehumidifier

The workhorse of commercial drying is the desiccant dehumidifier. It is used in large flooding situations to dry the air of moisture because of the large-scale evaporation.

Drying Equipment in Commercial Hallway

Why is drying equipment necessary?

After removing the water from the carpet there is still some leftover in the walls and subfloor. If it is left to dry on its own it will grow mold.