Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hole in a ceiling due to water damage.

Ceiling Damage In Temple, TX Home

This home in Temple, TX suffered from damage after a leak through the roof caused water damage to the ceiling. Water damage is no problem for our SERVPRO team to handle! Give us a call today.

Water damaged ceiling.

Water Damaged Ceiling in Temple, TX

This home in Temple, TX suffered from severe water damage after a leak. It is important to know who to call for a quick response. The longer you wait, the bigger the chances are for secondary damages to occur. Call us today!

Restoring a Water Loss

If your Temple, TX, home experiences water damage from leaks or unexpected flooding, you need a company that can quickly respond and get to work. SERVPRO of Temple & Belton has the expertise and equipment to restore your property.

Avoid Secondary Damages, Call SERVPRO Today!

Call SERVPRO of Temple & Belton for your water removal and restoration needs in Belton, TX. Our highly trained technicians will quickly respond and get to work to prevent secondary damages to your property. Call us today!

Commercial Water Damage in Marlin, TX

SERVPRO of Temple & Belton understands how stressful and inconvenient a water loss on your commercial property in Marlin, TX can be. If your business is damaged by a water loss, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call.

Marlin, TX, Water Damage

A family in Marlin, TX, came home after a long day to find severe water damage in their family room. The family gave our team a call, and upon arrival, our team quickly got to work.

Kitchen Water Damage in Temple, TX

Our SERVPRO of Temple & Belton responded to a Temple, TX, home that experienced severe water damage after a pipe burst. If your home or business is damaged by a water loss, give us a call.

Take a second to read through these water damage tips and what you can do until our SERVPRO team arrives.

Water Damage in Temple, TX, Sunroom

When an unexpected water loss damages your Temple, TX, property, give SERVPRO a call. Our Temple & Belton team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly restore your property back to preloss conditions and make the damage "Like it never even happened."

Damaged Bedroom Furniture

This home experienced a water loss that left the carpet and the furniture in this bedroom damaged, as you can see from this image. If your home suffers a water loss, give us a call.

Air Movers In Bathroom

When we were called to this home to handle the repairs after a water loss, we placed the air movers pictured here in the bathroom to help with drying. If your home suffers a water loss, call SERVPRO!

Dehumidifier In Bedroom

We placed this dehumidifier in this bedroom after a water loss to help pull the moisture out of the air. We often use dehumidifiers along with air movers and air scrubbers to help the drying process go faster.

Home Damaged By Leaking Water Heater

This home suffered damage from a water heater that was leaking. Our team was called in to handle the cleanup and repair of the home after the disaster. If you have damage like this, give us a call!

Bathroom Drying Equipment

When this bathroom was flooded due to a water loss, we brought in the drying equipment you see pictured here to help speed up the drying process in order to prevent further damage to the home.

Room suffering Water Loss

Water can destroy everything insight. The water from the storm came through the roof and ceiling causing damage to this home.  SERVPRO responded and quickly dried up the carpet and content to prevent future damage. 

Water Damage to Texas Home

This home suffered from water loss after a tornado. The contents of the home had severe damage from the water that poured into the home from the rain.  SERVPRO packed up the home and prepped for reconstruction.

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO arrived to this commercial property with signifiant water loss. They quickly began to dry the area with air movers and remove the water from the floor professionally to avoid any further damage. 

Water Loss to Office in Texas

SERVPRO can respond to any home or business after a water loss.  They have professional drying equipment that can dry the area quickly to keep from additional damage. The baseboards were removed to ensure the drywall was dry.

Floor Damage in Bryan Texas

SERVPRO responded to this home in Bryan Texas with significant water damage. The floor was coming up due to water getting under the floor and causing it to float up.  It can cause other damages as well.

Dehumidifier Equipment

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment used to ensure the water and moisture is removed from your home or business.  This is a dehumidifier that is used to take all the moisture out after water loss to ensure mold does not grow.